Friday, April 17, 2009

Dreams. Holy Cow, What Just Happened?

Maybe that should be Holy Goat. 

Last night I dreamt of John Michael Greer along with magickal and mundane folks I know attending a fair or festival. A ritual/lecture took place. People, including myself, were taking notes. None of them were folks I knew except Greer and my mentor. I remember seeing a flash of someone in a very bright red robe. At the end of the lecture, Greer collected everyone's notes. In puzzlement, I gave mine to him. I did not see him collect anyone else's, even though I believe he did. John was not part of the presentation but in the audience.

Later, several of us were eating outside and someone pointed out, Philippe Borgeaud talking to a group of folks. (He wrote a great book called The Cult of Pan in Ancient Greece). I commented on how much he looked like Pan. As he passed me, I noted he sounded like a goat, not a man. Later in the dream, I lay down on the picnic table bench and said, "I accept Pan as my God." (I've been in a tussel with Pan since Panthecon). I immediately heard, "Don't worry, you can still call on all other gods." 

This morning, I awoke to an email from John Michael. I feel unable to share its contents in any form. Though, I believe it does related to the first paragraph. If it relates to the second, my entire beleif structure will have to change. I don't view that as a bad thing. Instead, it seems to be a lot of work.

As for Pan, we'll see what comes of that. My waking mind still has the same reservations regarding Pan but some part of me said what I said. It is interesting that I was working with Jupiterian forces last night. Could this be a function of deep memory? Is John's email the act of mercy mentioned? It was certainly unexpected but I'm not sure if it was a mercy. Then again, having just looked up the definition of Mercy, I found this on

Something that gives evidence of divine favor; blessing.

John's email could be reflective of that. As was the Pan dream. I've been very pissed off about all things I could construe as Trad Wiccan for some time. If Pan is part of that, which I always assumed he was in a way, he was pretty merciful in that dream. I could understand Pan being a bit miffed. 

Oh well, so we shall see what comes of this. Life changing moment or playful dreaming? Time will tell.

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