Saturday, April 18, 2009

Harsh Magick

Today, I did some magick, in the hour of Mars on the day of Saturn. Such work is foreign to my practice. However, from time to time, there is a need. To ignore that need, is to invite ruin through imbalance. Human Towers of Pisa are rare indeed. 

I am completely comfortable with my work. Though, a little uncomfortable with the amount of power used. I may have used a howitzer to take out a doll house. Between my tech and long practice, Pan and Jason's tech, it would appear certain doors have opened. 

I can not compare it to a loss of innocence more a nod to reality that I've resisted making for a long time. Sovereignty means just that and nothing less. The upside is that I know, as of this moment, I shall not fall into the trap of repeating such works often. There is no joy in these things, no sense of self-awe. There is always a bit of awe in the sheer magick but that is not the same as being enamoured by a specific working. I shall be watchful for such occurrences

Oddly, I banished using the Susan Boyle video. That brings me joy and is a long way from the work just completed. 

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Ulysses Fox said...

Hey! I've been catching up on your blog (since the beginning) and I really enjoy it! Obviously this post is old but I thought I'd comment. I love your view of the harsh magick as necessary but find no joy in it. This is life. How often do we have to do things we don't necessarily enjoy or benefit from? But they still have to be done. Good post.