Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The Mormons are most likely survive any major disaster. They store food. They have a command infrastructure. They have a communication system. We are not Mormon.

We've talked a lot about making preparations for emergency situations. Neither of us have done much about it. The swine flu kicked us into action. Yesterday, I bought 40 pounds of rice and a bunch of bottled water. Today, we hit the grocery store and bought a ton of canned goods and lentils. Is it enough for a disaster? Nope. We'd still need all sorts of things but it is a start. It isn't like we can't afford to store some food and rotate it out to a food bank once in a while. 

Magicians should be prepared for magickal needs too. What harm is it in laying in a store of appropriately colored candles and cleansing a few chords, parchment, stones, pieces of metal and having them on hand? I am just learning the thaumaturgical angle of things. If you're going to do things to handle life's emergencies, you may as well have the supplies on hand. 


WitchDoctorJoe said...

Yep! I buy my candles by the case.

Suecae Sounds said...

There's another positive side-effect from buying large amounts of food at once. It gets less expensive.

Lavanah said...

Agreed. I try to buy supplies in wholesale lots as often as is practical. As for non-magical emergancy supplies, I suppose how prepared you might be depends on where you live in this country. In the North East, a natural disaster would have us penned up in our homes (think blizzards and ice storms) while perhaps where you are, a natural disaster would have you fleeing your home (earthquakes?). We always have a well stocked storm pantry. A word of advice, dear Frater-repackage that 40lb bag of rice-or you will be feeding half the mice in California!

Mr. J. said...

Agreed with Lavanah! There should be inexpensive plastic tubs at a local grocery store, or retail place, to pack dry goods in that will make it more difficult for rodents and such to get into. It isnt full proof, but its better than the bag. Mice are resourceful.

Speaking of those plastic things.. The g/f and I each have one of those full of our own personal magical "overflow" things.. candles, herbs, bells, etc, etc. With occult stores going out of business left and right it makes sense that if you order online you get more than you need, just to have a small stockpile. Of course, if you can, support your local magic shop ;)