Thursday, April 23, 2009


Before Jason visited, I was posting about how out of balance I had been feeling. During and immediatley after his visit, I was up. The new input was really needed and I'm sure it will help my magickal path in the long term. Now, I am back to imbalanced blah. 

I have a necklace I wear when I'm out of whack. I wore it all the time Jason was here. I haven't worn it since. I will put it back on when I go to bed tonight and see if it helps. 

For a while there, I was going to blame the odd emotional impact of the thaumaturgy I've done. After thinking about it, I was off long before that.  I'd do some LBRPs and Middle Pillars but I'd have to care. 


Jason Miller, said...

It is most important to do the LBRP's and Middle Pillars when you dont care. It's when you need them most.

Robert said...

Yup. I couldn't agree with you more. My mentor would give the exact same advice. I would give that advice.

Unknown said...

I'd suggest calling spirits whose office is to reestablish one's balance permenently. They know more about this sort of thing than we could and are more capable of knowing what needs to be fixed on all levels of ourselves.

We could convince ourselves we are balanced when we really aren't because we missed something. It's like my comment on the negative implants. We just aren't aware enough on enough levels for a thorough balancing.

Suecae Sounds said...

I've been feeling very off balance lately myself. And by reasoning with myself I've decided that I should put more emphasis on the simple ritual outline that I do daily.

The LBRP and Middle Pillar is probably akin to "my" ritual in the sense that you gain much by doing them regularly.

Btw, have you read Tommy Westlunds thoughts about IAO cycles? It is loosely related to the subject, but I gained some things by reading this. So I thought I should pass it on: