Monday, December 8, 2008

Temple Set-up

My Gal finished the last of the joint projects last night. Well, the last two were 100% her. These included the red silk table covering and the red cotton floor covering. Technically, the floor covering should be red silk too but that is too pricey. As soon as those were finished, the temple was set-up and I went to bed.

As I was falling asleep I had a vision, which came and went in an instant. I saw a beautiful columned temple space with our table in the center. I am pretty sure it was open air but I could be wrong. The vision flicked off and on as if I child was playing with a light switch.

Last night I dreamed of being at work. One of my coworkers, whose last name sounds like a single English letter G was sitting at a table. (Could this be a reflection of the Masonic G?) I was at the other end of the room. I had a typed list of names of the small beings I was about to work with. Bobo being the only one I can remember. I had the impression of many very friendly small creatures but I never actually saw one in an identifiable form. My emotions were like those of a man suddenly surrounded by very friendly Lilliputians or Keebler elves.

All that aside, the visual was more telling. The creatures were lined up as small dots on the floor like points on of grid paper. The floor had hundreds of squares made of a single dot in each corner. The look was a two-dimensional version of the pattern I saw skrying the tattwas of Akasha (spirit)

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