Monday, December 22, 2008


Bitom is the angel/god of fire found on the tablet of union. His appearance marks the last of the horizontal names on the tablet.

The connection was not as strong in the beginning. He proudly stated that he was indeed Bitom. I asked why he seemed so distant and he said the moon is not right. He repeated this several times. I asked him if it was my moon or the physical moon. He responded, "What is the difference?"
"Is it my emotional state that is the problem?"
"No, it is the moon."
"Can we still communicate?" I asked.
"Yes, with some effort."
"I am..."
"Yes," He said, "I know you. Words have traveled. You have permission to work the fire tablet."
"If I could see you, what would be your color?"
"I am red and invisible. Invisible the higher."
I asked, "Are you physical fire."
"Tangentially. That is my grossest form. Fire is in everything. At the most subtle, fire is in ice, in the ocean. You may work my tablet but work the water tablet [extensively] first. You have a weakness in fire. You can live in fire, dance in the flames for so long. Work the water tablet first and call me again before working fire. You can use the fire table to [obtain something my HGA directed me to do]."
"If I could taste you?"
I heard two things simultaneously. "You can not taste me!" And, "Cinnamon"
And your scent, "Cinnamon"

I asked some things regarding the Enochian alphabet. I will not post his reply. However, he did give me two letters. I realized that he gave me the end of the word first, "But this is right to left, right?"
He was pleased, "Yes." Then he added, "This is a bad time. The moon..."
"May I use fire as a magickal experiment?"
"Yes and he gave me some words to use to do a specific thing." We actually talked for some time or so it seemed but this is all I can remember.

Notes: During the LBRP I noticed a bright blue figure in the east. An earthy figure was behind me. Red was to my left and yellow to my right. In short, this is not the color scheme I am used to. On the other hand, they were pretty bright.

I looked up the letters I was given. They spell the Enochian word for the letter F. Could this be fire? It would seem to be appropriate. I then looked at the letter F in an Enochian dictionary I have. The entry under F gave the meaning "visit"

My Gal had moon related discussions as well.

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