Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Angel EHNB

We had a list minute change of plans. We were originally going to skry the king from the Enochian Table of Fire. This morning, I had a thought that changed my mind and My Gal agreed.

The thought was that hierarchies are consistent theme in Lon's writings. The methodology to call the lowest of the angels is this: Three fold name of God; The King; The Seniors; the names of God of the quadrant; the subservient angel. As anyone knows, starting with the bottom of a bureaucracy will get you places if you only want to do the smallest of routine things. If you start in the middle, you may or may not get the help you need. However, if you start at the top, things really get moving.

Therefore, we started with ENHB, the primary angel of the tablet of union.

At first, I saw nothing. I came to accept the failure of the exercise and prepared myself to wait patiently for My Gal to finish. My thought was something like, "I didn't make contact." I heard an immediately reply, "Oh, yes you did. Sit up straight and listen."

I was about to write this in general bullet points but then I remembered the admonishing received at some point to write down everything as much will be revealed. I will not understand it all at first.

"You began in the correct place. Work the rest of the tablet [of Union] horizontally, then vertically."
"Why horizontally, if the vertical is of spirit?"
"This is your initiation. This work will be more all encompassing than your work with the GD." I felt fear. "It is is good that you fear. That means you are not stupid but you must get over it." I found myself on the bottom rung of a ladder. Part of my stayed and part of my scrambled up. "That part is your monkey," he said of the part racing up. The bottom rung is made of the entire tablet of union. As I climb up, I will be able to contact the lower angels of the tablet. My mind noticed the inverse pattern and he said, "Paradoxical, isn't it?"

Note: This is twice that patience was emphasized. The first time was the acceptance of not being successful. The second time was revealed by part of my staying on the first rung of the ladder. My Gal received an auditory speech on patience.

Eventually, I asked, why can I not see you? He said that I had not "yet" that skill but I was a good listener. I asked, "If I could see you, what color would you be?"
"White." I saw a humanoid figure in white with brown trim on the robes. I quickly realized this was gold trim and that the color matched the gold trim on the table.
I noticed the figure was holding a cup. "Why are holding a cup?"
"Because that," he said, "is how you perceive spirit."
He then made a gesture that I will not reveal. I asked of the gestures meaning. He did explain. The gesture had something to do with my path and how I should pray. This also, I can not share.
"If I could smell you, what would be your scent?"
"Any particular type of rose?"
"All of them. It doesn't matter."
"If I could taste you, what would be your taste."
"Acidic. Have you ever tasted a rose?"
I hadn't but I figured that was a rhetorical question.
"If I could hear you, what would I hear?" I heard a note. I didn't sound unpleasant but it didn't sound like a choir of angels either. Not being musical, I am not sure what this would ever do for me.
"Should where a particular color for the other angels?"
"No, your temple is excellent. Don't change colors."
"What scent should we burn for you?"
"Oh, you told me your scent was rose."
"Should we burn it?"
"Any form will do. A flower. Oil to anoint. Burning. "
I asked, "And for the others."
"Frankincense will do."

At some point, I could see the angel touching the back of my head and actually inserting fingers into it.

"I said that image can not be right. I must be getting tired."
"Yes," He said.

(Tablet of Union picture from: here)

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