Sunday, December 21, 2008

Enochian Results?

Some odd phenomena to report this evening. Perhaps it is not all that odd. I am finding myself to be much more intuitive of late. Some of this is what I call dead psychic activity. This is the ability to know who is calling a split second before the phone actually rings. I call it "dead psychic" because if someone was about to blow my head off and I was warned by this sense, I wouldn't' have time to duck.

I suppose what is more impressive is a dream I had the other night after dealing with Nanta. I dreamed of my ex-wife. She confirmed the emotional state I perceived in the dream. I suppose more impressive, to me, is that my intuition has kicked up in ways that are useful, as long as I say nothing directly regarding the intuition. For instance, I scheduled one of my staff to repair something before it was reported broken. You can't actually tell someone that. You simply act in full knowledge just as if you've received the report via conventional means.

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