Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Skrying Air of Water

I am dying to use the Enochian stuff but My Gal is in school tonight. Instead, I skried another another tattwas.

I immediately felt buoyant. I felt myself moving even though I was aware of my physical body staying still. I vibrated the elemental god names just to keep from moving around so much. I asked of the wisdom of this place. The answer was the wisdom is communicating well emotionally. If you don't communicate emotionally, you sit in the well of inertia. However, we you can express yourself and your needs properly, others can meet them. Just as importantly, I can understand what those needs are myself. Air of Water is also about paying attention to non-verbal communication as well. Though, I will have to make an effort to pick things up.

I asked if this was an important sub-element for me. The answer was they are all important but perhaps I have a bit more to learn here than some others.

I can honestly say that I've been much more in tune with non-verbal communication after the fire of water anyway. Though, some revelations came a day or two after that work

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