Sunday, December 14, 2008

Enochian Ramifications

The ramifications of working with the Enochian system are making themselves known.

My original plan was to stick with Lon's Enochian Vision Magick. I simply can't. Right now I am reading Practical Angel Magic of Dr John Dee's Enochain Tables by Skinner and Rankine. I have also picked up various other titles off my library shelves. Reference after reference to cleanliness appear such as this one, in the above referenced work. The comment is in regards to the Sworn Book of Honorius, which influenced Dee,

In Dee's efforts to get intellectual satisfaction from the angels, piety and cleanliness were paramount considerations. This grimoire stresses the purity of its intent, and not just in order to preserve its owners from possible ecclesiastical prosecution. In the opening paragraphs it says, "it is not possible that a wicked and unclean man could work truly in this art; for men are not bound unto spirits, but spirits are constrained against their will to answer clean men and fulfill their requests.

A half smart chimp can see that clean has a spiritual meaning here. That being said, other references actually refer to being physically clean. Due to unusual ambition on both our parts, My Gal and I are keeping a much cleaner home.

Lastly, I have written an article on prayer that I plan to submit for publication. While I have always wanted to be a published author, I have never submitted anything besides a few badly written poems from my youth.

Watching this process will be entertaining. I am wondering if these symptoms of contact will continue.


yuzuru said...

Lou speaks extensively about the importance of "taking a bath" before rituals.

Although he says that this would be because in Dee´s time´s, taking a bath was such a rare thing that would put the magician in "magickal mood"

Frater BH said...


Jason Miller, said...

Where are you submitting your article to?

yuzuru said...

sorry, lon
lon millo duquette in his interview to "occult of personality"