Sunday, December 7, 2008

Enochian Plan for the Tablets

My Gal and I have talked. Our plan for the tablet is to call the kings of each tablet, experience them and then move on to work with the six seniors of one tablet, then the next and so on. Among other things, we'll ask each King to tell us the order of tablets. Once we get all their answers, my HGA and her hamster, we'll make a decision as to how to proceed.

So far I am very impressed with how 'loud' the angels are and we haven't even worked them yet. We've just completed the tools. If this was the Lesser Key, I'd be concerned about interference and obsession being real possibilities. At this point, I am just noting things as a reminder to myself to stick to a balanced perspective.

One of the hazards of too much angel work is judgmental rigidity. I am a Leo. I live within this trap. I have to be aware of such a potential pitfall.

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suecae_disco said...

I am looking forward to continue to read about this specific form of high magick.