Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Aont is a vertical name from the tablet of union. She is of water. We called her using the 1st, 2nd and 4th calls. She has a light touch.

My Gal and I were both told to call her with Hcoma, not alone. She isn't ever effective alone.

She makes a channel for water to run. She finds the weak points that allow erosion. She allows water to filter through the soil to nourish plants. I asked if deserts were the lack of her presence. She said no. Deserts were a lack of water. Should water appear, she would be there to help it move and drain.

I asked her for a vision and she made that which Hcoma has given me three-dimensional. Very cool.

She said she could help me respond better in dreams. By 'better' she meant with more thought.

It is very difficult to remember conversations with her.


Anonymous said...

Is there a connection between this and the desire to clean the gutters? Cleaning the gutter is a way of making it easier for water to flow.

Robert said...

Not in my opinion. That is taking a very subtle thing and turning it into a practical action. I suppose there is an analogy there of course. Think of this as the force of gravity, not the action of dropping a ball.