Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Brief Enochian Meditation

I could not resist sitting in the temple and meditating before the table. I asked what I could do to align myself with the table. "Cleanliness. Come in clean clothes."
I've received a lot of messages about cleanliness since the tools have been completed and notice every unclean surface in my house. I asked what else I can do. Apparently, I can be more observant. I was then showed an hour glass. It was large and hovered over the table. I looked closely and noticed the sand moving very slowly. There is plenty of time. The sand timer descended into the whirl created by the SDA. This is how things manifest.
"Anything you drop into that, will manifest."
Wisdom! I seek wisdom.
"Not so fast"
Who would not want wisdom?
"It comes with obligations."
Some would seek power.
'Power comes with obligations too. You have succeeded to this point in your work because you understand your obligations but you've never had the tools to meet them. This will give you those tools. But the obligations are hard. You may not want them. Your arrogance is that you expect other people to meet their obligations."
Some would seek women.
"Yes and too create an obligation but they are thinking [with their pants]"
Who am I talking to?
I saw the names El, Elemese and one other angel.
But I didn't call you?
"You've just finished skrying. This is your temple. You've dedicated it for years."
May I look into the mirror? Receiving an affirmative, I did so to find nothing.
"You will not see until you do the rites and call. Go now before you break your obligation [to My Gal]."

The mirror was hypnotic and it is was difficult to pull away.


yuzuru said...

Maybe you should have asked for knowledge, not wisdom :-)

Jason Miller, said...

Ask for Cheese. Really good unpasteurized brie.