Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dream Hcoma?

As I fell asleep, I followed Hcoma's instructions for 'getting deeper'. I had a nightmare.

I was in the midsts of a Nazi occupied area and was either a Jew or friend of Jews. I think the former. I watched as various people made plans for avoiding death.

Someone, in the form of my sister, worked for the Nazi's and believed that if everyone just did as they were told, things would be work out. My spirit followed a young boy as he just figured out what was about to happen. He thought he found a hiding place hiding in the structural components of the roof. Below, 'we' knew, children were about to be slaughtered. As I moved away from that dream segment, I knew that something gave way and he fell to his death. I saw a woman who was trying to escape get caught and a black man revealed by a 'citizen' just before he could escape.

In the dream, I saw no violence. Only reactions to the potential violence all around. I left some dream segments just before very bad things happened. In one, I arrived just afterwards. If these type of things (dreams) happen when I follow her instructions before sleep, it will take a huge effort of will to continue with those instructions.

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Rufus Opus said...


Ok, you had a nightmare, Gimel had a sweet dream. I totally think you had a vision of how you perceive emotions and their consequences, their impact on your own life and the lives of those around you. If you think of emotionality and emotionalism as being like the Nazi State, it gives you an awesome insight into how you would react to that kind of behavior in your personal and professional life. It gives you a direction to pursue in developing a tool kitfor interacting with people in highly emotional states. "I'm not under attack, I'm not in danger, they're just emotional, and this too shall pass..." That kind of mantra-type thing.

I never get revealing imagery like that in dreams, you lucky blankstard.

I don't know if I would want to try to "fix" that or not. I don't think it's necessarily something "broken" in you that makes you perceive emotionality that way. I think it's more like a character trait, or a trait that might come from some astrological construct. It's not necessarily a hangup, it's more like just information that you can use to aid you in dealing with certain aspects of existence in this world where people and their emotional mood swings predominate.