Monday, December 1, 2008

Breaking the Rules

I don't do loose magick. By loose magick, I mean doing things on a whim or participating in a public circle to do something (any excuse for a public ritual seems to be o.k.) that I do not fully understand. I think about my magick. I make sure it is something I really want. Then, I execute.

I don't 'help' other people much. Helping is often simply giving energy to the positive end of the wheel. Wheels turn. From a certain cynical point of view, this can be seen as a pointless exercise.

I don't do a lot of healings. I used to be a pretty good human aspirin. If you didn't want some over the counter medication, I was your man. After some traumatic events, I stopped doing such things -- my confidence gone.

Today, I learned a work friend's husband had been in a serious auto accident over the weekend. He'll live but I was told it was 'bad' and foot surgery was in the offing. Given that my father lost his foot, I may have some extra sympathy on this one. I offered her my support and asked her if she minded if I prayed or did some weird religious ritual. She said she fully supported weird religious rituals but did so in a joking sort of way. Did I mention that I don't usually do things without direct permission from the target?

I started out an energy model kind of guy. Though, I now think spirits are usually more effective. Well, here's to revisiting the past.

I normally have some sort of link when I effect others. I don't even know this fellow's name. I'm sure I've heard it at some point but I have no recollection.

Tonight, I did something simple. I did an LBRP, BRH and Middle Pillar x 4. Only this time, the spheres were created over a pinch of frankincense with prayers for her husband's healing.

I broke a lot of my rules tonight but one, acting in love for those one does not know. He will never know what transpired tonight.


yuzuru said...

Hi, "middle pillar x4" means that you did the ritual four times ?

Frater BH said...

Sorry that is my short hand for personal notes creeping in. The X 4 means that I vibrated the name(s) of each sphere four times. I try to make the vibrations a number that corresponds with what I am doing. In this case, the expansive healing capabilities of Chesed.

Why not invoke Chesed forces then? Good question. Sometimes I feel the need to go that far. Sometimes I don't.