Monday, December 29, 2008

Hcoma Revisited

My Gal went to bed early. So, I thought I'd give Hcoma a call. I have been wanting to try some experiments on my own. In fear of waking her, I did not dress for the occasion.

I recited the first, second and fourth calls. As soon as I called her name, I saw ocean. Even so, from start to finish everything was flat. She asked my why I called when I've been talking to her without all the ritual. I said that I wanted to see if she had anything to add or if the ritual enhanced communication. She seemed indifferent. I asked her about the vision I see every time I think of her. She explained and told me that if I could expand that outside of myself, I could heal those who stood near me. I asked if that was her will that I should do this thing. She said, she didn't care but she thought it would enhance my life as I've always wanted to heal.

There wasn't much to this one.

Oh, on the housekeeping front, I cleaned out the rain gutters on the garage side of the house. I am amazed at this odd ambition but I am not fighting it.


Rufus Opus said...

Not much to this one?

I don't understand why when you reach a long-term goal, it's not that big of a deal. I'm all WOOT!

I think you need to develop a heightened sense of WHEEEE! ;-)

Ok, jokes aside, I've been feeling the same, sort of. But then I get the intermittent WOW! Is that a normal thing with Enochian?

My Gal said...

So you called the spirit of water without your Pisces partner and wonder why the visions were not as intense? :) OK seriously,perhaps the system is more binary than we imagined. As the process works in a pair, maybe you only get half of the picture puzzle alone.

While I intend to work a few of them again by myself, I will not expect the same results :)