Tuesday, December 30, 2008

EHNB Meditation

EHNB is the angel on the Tablet of Union that has all the other angels of that tablet inside of it. This angel has helped me do better magick every time I ask it to 'get me out of the way.' I dabbed a bit of rose oil under my nose and meditated on EHNB with that same question mind. Suddenly my thought changed to, "free me from the cocoon of my soul." I want to be less 'closed off', more compassionate, more open.

He warned me that this may be difficult for me emotionally. It isn't that I am not psychic. It isn't that I am not aware. It isn't because I am a major hard-ass. I am closed because I am too sensitive, too aware of the other person's suffering, and therefore I had to close off. I can now intellectualize compassion and universal love but I feel them only rarely. I kept asking him to help me break through the cocoon.

Eventually, a flower unfolded. The red petals were those of the rose cross. Then there was a different flower unfolding. This has more needle-like petals in orange. I arose from its midst encased in glass. The glass was my karma. To be free, I had to break the glass but it would hurt. There was a rock in my hand. I did not hesitate to smash it against that which confined me. Glass fell all around.

The visuals were cool. The sense of peace nice. Time will tell if any short or long term change emerges.

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