Friday, December 19, 2008

Nanta - Death

Tonight, I received the sad news that a boyhood 'mom' passed away last month. She was my best friend's mother. There will be more on that in a subsequent post. I mention it here because it colored this working.

For some reason, I felt compelled during My Gal's recitation of the first and second calls, to begin this post with the beginning prayer. So, here it is:

Teach me (O creator of all things) to have correct knowledge and understanding, for your wisdom is all that I desire. Speak your word in my ear (O creator of all things) and set your wisdom in my heart. Amen

After calling Nanta, I asked, "Are you there?"
"Yes," said a loud male voice.
"You are male."
"Yes," he said. The statement was a fact. "Death saddens you. Do not be sad. Death is nothing. Life and death are the same. She is where she needs to be. You are where you need to be. Death is nothing. Death is merely reabsorption. [I do that all the time.]"
I began, "I seek wisdom..."
"Yes. I know." He interrupted, "As you know, the words have traveled. Ask."
"If I could see you, what color would you be?"
"But black is not a natural color of earth."
"Think of a cave. The light does not reach the depths and you should go deeper. It was good that you called Hcoma. Had you not reached her first, I'd have yelled at you. You need to work with her more." I saw an angel in a deep black robe, a hood covered his face. This looked much like a classic image of the reaper but with no scythe.
"What is your scent?"
Freshly plowed field.
"What is your taste?" I was given a visual of mud in my mouth but I did not actually taste anything like I have with other Enochian angels. "What is your sound?" I heard the thud of a heavy rock falling onto earth. "If your sound was musical?" I heard the deep sound of wind passing through rocks as interpreted through a breathy flute.
"Please share with me you're wisdom."
"I have been trying to [but you keep asking questions]." I saw a gold crown upon my heart. "You are king of the earth." This had something to do with fire and earth but more than that I can not share. Some of you will know. Being told I am king of something smacks of ego and wish fulfillment. However, I record what I am told or hear. "All your spells will work. I will teach you spells to manifest your True Will on earth. You must learn to mix all the elements. You must learn to do things in the proper order just like you wouldn't leave one job until you had another. Work the tablet of earth. They will teach you how to be organized"
"Are you giving me authority over your tablet?"
"Whether I give it to you or you have it doesn't matter. Work the tablet."

Note: When he spoke of mixing all the elements, he was excluding earth.

I didn't feel like I hit this very well mentally but there was no question something was there. I only understood how deep I was until I tried to get back to a normal state of consciousness.

During the 1st and 2nd calls, I noticed that many words if not all, lit up the channel created by the Sigillum Dei Ameth on the astral.

The confirmation of this contact came from My Gal. I did not tell her about the sad news I received. Yet, many of her images were of death. I ask her to relate her tale to me before I spoke.

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