Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Follow-up to Exarp

Per last night's post, I did dream. In the dream, I was managing an occult shop that had a small collection of adult dvd's to rent. Those items created a brisk business. While in the shop, My Gal spoke to another person. She pointed out the quality of the workmanship and decoration on the sword I had just received. Having a dream of a sword after dealing with an angel of air seems appropriate.

In retrospect, his angry tone may have been a reflection of the stormy weather we were having last night. Hail fell.

Today, I was speaking with someone. Behind that person and to my right, stood a figure leaning on a single crutch. His head covered with a bloody bandage. His clothing worn. My eyes moved from the person I was speaking with to the figure. The wounded man disappeared immediately. My eyes fell to the hand of my coworker. A clear bandage, of the type used to hold an IV, was on the back of his hand. I could see the texture of the bandage quite clearly. I looked at the person's face and back to the hand. The bandage was gone.

I hesitate to give this any meaning at all. I only report a very clear vision. There was no difference between the astral vision and my waking vision in terms of color or quality.


yuzuru said...

If you allow me a suggestion, why don´t you try a divination, maybe tarot ?

Frater BH said...

Tarot to determine the meaning of the vision? Well, let us say the tarot tells me the man is going to have a heart attack, what would I do with that information?

yuzuru said...

I don´t really know. It depends of your believes. do you think that, if you saw something, that it is random or that you have a reason to see this ?
Or, that the future is unbreakable, or it is like clay ?
My toughts is that, if you are making contact with the angels, and they send you this vision, what would they probably want you to do/don´t do ?

Frater BH said...

I have excellent reason to believe there are huge amounts of astral gunk in the building where this occurred. It may have been just a flash of astral vision into the lower realms. However, your point is well taken. Perhaps, I should take a closer look.