Monday, December 15, 2008


I robed up but did not change my socks. I could not enter the temple this way. It became a moral imperative to change into clean socks.

Tonight, I did all the chanting instead of switching line by line with My Gal. EHNB suggested that to her. I have one comment to that: I like that part! Once I searched deep within for the right rhythm and started rocking like a Hasidic Jew.

"Why did you call me?" His voice was demanding and a bit surly.
"I seek knowledge and wisdom. Complete unity with the divine." That last sentence was visualized rather than said.
"Beware that you do not overreach. First understand your undying soul."
I replied, "Thank you for that rebuke. What you said is true."
"Is what you just said sincere?"
"Yes. While I seek complete unity, you are correct that I should seek first to understand my soul. That is the first step. I may take no other but I will take that step."
"Ask of me what you will." The voice was still gruff and to the point but not as surly.
"What color are you?"
"Do not bother me with such things."
"If I could see you, what would I see?" I asked.
"You can not see me." Pause. I saw moving storm clouds. "You see my effects." Wind. He is analogy was that he is wind.
I do not remember if I asked him his taste or smell but both answers would be the same. He is all the flowers blooming in a wild field at once. I could both taste and smell that.
"Oh, I can be allergic."
"No, you are allergic to all the pollution in the air. That doesn't matter."
"What is your sound?"
I heard wind and then asked for a musical note. I heard a high pitched flute-like sound.
"Where do you manifest in my life?"
"In your thoughts that give birth and your words that erode."
"Do I often speak words that give birth?"
"No," he said, "not often."
"Can you teach me to speak words that create?" From this point on, I listened. I may have a mouth but this was an angel with something on his mind and I was not about to interrupt.
"You act as if erosion is a bad thing. You are not here to bring happiness. You speak what others are afraid to voice. Lo! Acursed is he that does his will for those whose fear he embodies will rebel against him. These thoughts that plague you are your downfall. Love those that hate[d] you. Love those that interfere. You are the magician. You must learn when to speak and when not. When you are in areas in which you wish to succeed, speak little but make your words count. When you are at work, SPEAK." He continued. "You have the right to call the tablet of air in my name. Ask of it what you will. Study it well. Learn it. Command it. Demand answers. Ask quietly [This was asking in a particular tone and mood]. Do not be afraid to command. Do not be afraid to ask. You call the air tablet under my name." This bit about the air tablet was repeated. He spoke as if he was trying to convey something that I was not understanding but only had a limited set of words to use. He repeated, I think hoping I would get a different message. I never did. Towards the end my body was getting tired, not my mind. He said, "You will dream. You WILL DREAM." My head felt just like the deep black void of the skrying mirror.

At some point, he made if very clear that his name is Exarp. The name is not pronounced E-Xar-Pey.

I find it interesting that My Gal perceived him as a bit grumpy as well. She was also not given a form. It appears we received the same fellow. My message was more microcosmic. Her imagery was more macrocosmic. Though, there were some words spoken directly to her. His mood was the same. At the end he also told My Gal to sleep. Me to dream, her to sleep. Sounds close to the same to me.

Overall, I'd rate this a success. This fellow was loud and unmistakable. The shared imagery was a good indicator of success.

This looks short. It did not feel as if this passed in an instant.

Addendum: I forgot to add this originally. Within his long speech he said, "The storm that I am in your mind will clear the debris. Afterwards, there will be peace. Peace. But, Lo, the winds will blow long before the peace comes. Patience."

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Rose Weaver said...

There are gems in the words you heard. Thank you for sharing them.