Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Scrying Attempt

When I entered my temple room it felt dead. Dead dead. I did my exercise anyway. The visions were chaotic and nonsensical. I left. I skried during the void course of the moon. Silly me.

On the upside, I recalled two nights of dreaming.

The night before last, I was an observer. I saw a yellow rocket made of the same material as a bounce house. I was amazed that the thing took off, exited the earth's atmosphere and splashed down safely. Moments later, though I think it was the next day, the rocket did so again. Only this time the pilot, possibly another aspect of myself, put the nose down hard on re-entry. The cabin filled with water except for a little bit at the top. Three of us where having a hard time breathing. From the outside I washed it splash down hard. All were safe.

Last night, I dreamed I was in Russia. I was in a room with a very nice man who was just following Putin's orders to hand cuff me. Even apologized for messing up the collar of my shirt. Putin began pouring rubbing alcohol over my head. I asked if that is what it was. He said yes. I said, "I will be careful not to get any in my eyes." He immediately started squirting it at my right eye. Cleverly, I shut my eyes and none of the alcohol touched my eye ball. I could tell he was going to continue until he succeeded. So, I said ouch and flinched away. He stopped.

More watery image in the first dream. I have LOT of that. I may have to start skrying the water tattwas and ask why and what I need to learn. Emotional issues are my weak point, I know that.

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