Thursday, May 8, 2008

Pain and Dreams

I have been in a good amount of pain the last few days. Today, it is mind numbing. Things are bad enough that my gal had to dress me.

I have had back pain for quite a while now. Years. Every test known to man says there is nothing wrong. A fellow by the name of Dr. Sarno says back pain is physically real but the cause is how we deal with stress. So, I went to a shrink.

The shrink, who is magick friendly big time, helped me find a spirit that caused the issue. I got rid of said spirit and was vine for four and a half months. I was more pain free in that time than I have been in five years. It started to come back as I did the Stavish meditations. The shrink said the problem isn't psychological at this point. Her theory is that I have a spiritual block. So, when I raise energy the block bottles up the energy and I live in pain. She predicted a huge spiritual break-through coming soon that would solve the problem. I hope she is right.

Things got much worse since starting the astral meditations such as the one reported yesterday. This would seem to verify here theory of an astral energy blockage causing the problem. Any reasonable man would stop at this point and get out of pain.

I am a Leo. We are not reasonable. I will gain this skill and I will work through the pain. It is that simple.

Please, if someone is reading this and thinking of sending me 'light' or 'healing' or anything like that, I thank you for your compassion, but please don't. This is my challenge and it is for me to overcome.

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Nita said...

Water aerobics helps with back pain. I was in a motorcycle accident that has caused me much physical pain. I have a technique for washing away the pain yet the injuries still limited movement.

I became fat and unable to do anything about it. I have been doing water aerobics and I now walk normally and have more lower back and neck movement.

Now that the mundane suggestion is done withI now want to talk about the astral blockages. Having both sides be the right hand side of your body means both sides are linked to the physical.

The spiritual is the left hand side of the body and this is what makes a healthy energy flow. I would suggest that you are blocking what you really are spiritually.

I am stubborn also but sometimes I just do not ask the right questions. Nor do I add in all of the things I want to have happen as I assume if I get one thing I get another.

Many times this works but sometimes it does not work. I find that something is far reaching in my life. I always wanted an exciting life, helping people, and having them appreciate me. I did not mention money, happiness, and good luck.I do now.

So what are you afraid of or feel about your spirituality. How do you block it? Do you feel it has to work in a certain structure and fashion? Those are all questions to ask yourself about blockages.

Many times we limit what we really are spiritually by trying to make it work like what we feel it should work like in our lives.

I never try to structure how things happen just picture the end results and learning. I hope this gives you some help or thoughts that might help.