Monday, May 5, 2008

Stavish's book also gives instruction on astral projection. I begab working on these exercises tonight.

The first exercise involves visualizing a white ball of light surrounding oneself with a twelve foot diameter. The instructions say a six foot radius. I find the unstated number game here to be amusing. Six is the number of tipereth, the central sphere of the tree of life. Earlier in the book he argues this is where true magickal powers exist. Twelve is the number of astrological signs and therefore encompasses the entire universe. Six plus twelve is eighteen. Eight plus one is nine, the number of yesod, the first of the astral realms. But, I digress.

Once one is in the ball of light, one needs to make it as solid as possible. Then, on the inhale, feel the light enter the nostrils and enliven the left foot. When I did this, I saw my foot to be alabaster white with a little 'black light' tinge around the outside. The procedure is repeated with the right foot and so on, alternating up the body. The visualization includes the internal organs.

Once this is done, you're supposed to project your consciousness out of tipereth. I did this but all I achieved was seeing an alabaster white version of me standing in front of me. Upon reabsorption of that, I was surrounded by child vampire spirits. I have seen these in deep meditation before but they never bother me. They talk amongst themselves. I started looking for Enochian names of god to banish them with. One of the said, "If he guesses the right one..." and they departed. Next time, I will do an LBRP, BRH and maybe even a MP first. Heck, I may even do the second degree opening.

At one point in the meditation I felt an odd energy on the left side of my head. Strong enough that it pushed my head a bit to the right. Stavish warned of this and said it is normal. The feeling was so tangible, I don't think this occurred due to the suggestion.

Expect regular posts on this topic.

May those that read this, experience peace profound and perfect happiness.

I encourage you all to begin your own personal work to discovering your soul. There is no greater adventure.


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Anonymous said...

Greetings Frater POS,

12 & 6 also has another implication you might be interested in. 6 still being solar & tiphareth, but 12 referring to the tarot card XII mem. Speaking from the perspective of a thelemite, mem is the inverted pentagram & the bottomless abyss of mind; when the K&C of the HGA is achieved it is necessary to conceal that glory through the use of a motto that encompasses a godform and taking the oath of the abyss. Baphomet is conceived in the process & the "sun of your heart" [HGA] is worshipped.

The XII tarot attribution is that of the "hanged man" & in Crowley's Thoth deck, the exoteric object of worship is the Sun/Ankh/Life, which is represented inverted. The significance is simple, the mind of the magician becomes the lense [read motto] whereby the HGA is manifest into the world. Though the XII trump is immediately concealed by XIII [death] trump, the mind is naturally adjusted & precipitated by the Sun, which death is "impotent" against.

From crowley's book of lies 333, "life & death are two names of A". One is the magus, twain his forces; alchemical Mercury & his caduceus Sulphur & Salt being the polarity of the consciousness of chokmah. Thoth or Djehuti being the Lunar diety associated with chokmah, the esoteric object of worship being gimel [moon-maiden playmate & bride of pan, god's angel minister to every man - the priestess].

This is significant in respect to the impotence of XIII Death over life; as ANKH-F-N-KHONSU for us thelemites is Kether, self & selflessness; Baphomet & Pan united in a single symbol. The Hierophant Trump V, & Vav's kabalistic numerical value 6. "And lo! thou art past through the Abyss." [333 Ch. 78] ABRAHADABRA God & Man. Sic Transeat ______

This is all fairly occult, & lots of jargon; so I hope I didn't give anyone a headache.

If you are interested in exploring further, study crowley's exigesis of the lesser ritual of the pentagram in Liber ABA, Book 4... then visit the website below: