Monday, May 12, 2008

Some Analysis of Last Night

I had originally thought that I was in yesod as I was in a dream. I think that was incorrect or the initial stages of dreaming is some sort of sub-Yesod. The reason for that thinking is that spider-eagle thing I encountered in Hod was likely the guardian of Hod and I was in some sort of antechamber. Had I given the guardian the choir name or some other name or appropriate 'object', I would have been admitted to Hod. As it was, I was politely shown the door.

So, had I hit Yesod proper, I would have encountered the appropriate guardian there as well. I thought it interesting as I feel asleep last night for the final time that I felt myself going astral again. I had to willfully close the veil to get to sleep.

At any rate, this is a huge step in the right direction. I am quite pleased. I have several goals now.

1. Do this consistently and enter the lower sephira an a regular basis
2. In so doing, understand the difference between a sephira and a planetary sphere
3. Learn to do the same from a waking state as opposed to starting in a dream state
4. Create the body of light. That ought to take a while.

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