Monday, May 12, 2008


It is now 1:58 AM. I have been lucid dreaming since my last post. WOW. The dream took place in a hotel that I've been in many times before dream land. I am going to spare myself typing all the details at this hour as I need to sleep.

The dream had a theme of being in this hotel with abysmal service and me ranting about how bad it was. Then, I'd remember I was dreaming wake up and do things. It wasn't so much what I did, it is that I did them. Everything that happened occurred because I willed it in the dream! But the best part is...

I figured I was in Yesod. So, after doing whatever I wanted got old and I knew the dream was about to end, I said, I wonder where Hod is? I huge circular door way opened with much noise and to do. I went to it and it was a narrow tunnel that smelled of smoke and sulfur. I went in an got sucked up the tube. I immediately regretted it. I found it hard to breath. I wondered if I could turn around. I wanted to. Then, in a very short time, I was in Hod. Everything was orange, even my red shirt was orange. I arrived in some sort of room. I odd linear form, either a cube or a three dimensional octagon (I think it was cube) floated straight through the wall. I never stopped going up. I tried to go back up but up became down, left became behind. Disorientated doesn't describe it. I vibrated the god name for Yesod and then the arch angelic name. I got my bearings immediately and found myself in a dilapidated home. This is where I noticed my shirt was orange. I walked into a door and it shut behind me. When I turned around, it was merely one of eight doors! I had no idea which one I came in through.

One of them had very bad sounds coming from behind it. By bad, I mean they belonged to a huge creature of some sort. The others were quiet. I went to the bad door. I found myself in what looked like a shower and latrine area. I could see under the door in the bathroom section. . I backed out of the room. The guardian came with me. Walking backwards I tripped over and landed on the couch. The guardian was part and part . It hooked my right ring finger with a hook it had on its leg. This thing was scary. Then I said, "I know you!" He said, "Yes!" and his attitude changed from threatening to friendly. I said, "I am very sorry but I don't have my notes with me. I know I've seen you when I meditated but I can't quite remember everything" He got sad and the dream just faded away. As I type there is a red spot that encompasses the entire knuckle on my right ring finger where he hooked me.

Frankly, I am glad I didn't have to go down that shoot again.

Wow. Holy Cow. Wow. That was fun. It was an E Ticket ride.

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