Friday, May 2, 2008

Thursday Success!

Last night, as I lay down to sleep, I thought that I'd use the 'thyroid method' in Stavish's book rather than the blue-black ball at the nape of the neck. Sometimes, I had trouble with the nape of the neck visualizations but that wasn't going to be a problem with the thyroid. That exercise consisted of a red color at the throat. I visualized the red circle with a yellow kerub symbol of air (Aquarius) flat, instead of spheroid. This may have come into play later.

I also asked my HGA to help me to lucid dream. I then had an odd idea to place my HGA above my head and my Goetic familiars beneath my feet.

I willed them to line up in a manner conducive to the 'one straight line' of will idea. This idea came through Lon DuQuette in a private talk a few weeks back. It is likely he was applying a Crowleyism about the will of the magician being one straight line. Anything that deviates from that line, Crowley said, is black magick. Lon had told me to work with the spirits in such a manner that they offered energy to me, the same way I offered energy to the Goddess. I think this shows a hierarchal link but more importantly creates that straight line of will. That way, the magician and his familiars are working in concert. When you don't have these things aligned, life is much like driving a car with poor alignment. One finds oneself always trying to fade to the left. Add a sticky right break and the challenge is obviously magnified. Yet isn't that how so many live their lives, fighting themselves, knowing they want to go in a straight line only to end up going off-road with embarrassing frequency?

Having done the Work, I feel the elemental cross is becoming well established, which thwarts many an off-road experience.

Last night, I had also began studying the second degree opening outlined in John Michael Greer's Circles of Power. Part of that ritual opening the veil by the word Paroketh. I said that portion or variations of that often last night as sleep did not come easy. I have a medical issue that causes me to take viciden that from time to time interferes with the sleeping process. Having been on and off them for quite a while, I know they don't cause what I experienced last night.

The dream began with my gal getting out of bed. Unusually, I got up too, pulled on a pair of pants and realized that was odd, even more so as they were dockers, which I normally wouldn't put on in the middle of the night. As I looked down the hallway toward my office and the suspected location of my gal, I saw a female figure hustle down the hall toward me and then make a quick right toward the living room area of my home. I recognized the woman as my friend K but I also saw that it wasn't her. She had no body but was partially made of astral light and partially had no visible existence. At this point, I heard my gal on the phone speaking quite loudly. In dreams, I normally know what people are saying but they don't normally sound like real-life speaking.

I turned toward the living room to find out what K was doing there at that time of night and found myself to have skimmed the earth rather than walking. I called out to my gal to tell her I was 'flying' in real life unlike in my dreams. At that point, I had full realization that I was both dreaming and very astral, at least for me. I thought, "God, " and began to fly up. Then I remembered my plan was to see my HGA. So, I thought, I will go see my HGA. I continued to rise out of the building. Then I immediately did a loop and landed right back where I started. (Note: Was that due to the circle being flat?) Only this room had wood floors and was very small. There was a rug on the floor and very little room to maneuver. Something small and blue hid in a corner. I tried to get a closer look at the creature. I have no idea what it was and do not remember the shape.

I left the room and went back to a less-lucid state and explained to my gal what happened in "real life." She was amused. She was holding a squirt bottle of water mixed with cleaning solution. The cat, the same cat that lives with us mundanely, stared very intently at something we couldn't see. I mentioned that my gal should spray the water as a sort of etheric cleanser. Then, with a greater feeling of lucidity, I said not to because the water was mixed with cleaning solution. I had no desire to harm whatever the cat had pointed out.

The dream ended there. I may have forgotten it except at just that moment, my gal rolled over and it woke me just enough to realize I had experienced a lucid dream.

I note this happened on a Thursday - Jupiter's day. The water bottle and the creature were both blue and beside from the rug, were the only colors I took specific note of. Jupiter is a planet of expansion and this was certainly an expansive step on my path to lucid dreaming. Odd, I was planning on posting today about being a tad bit discouraged by my results so far.

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