Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I am did the astral projection meditation tonight. This involves the visualization of a sphere of bright white light around oneself and making it as solid and tangible as possible. Then on each intake of breath, drawing that light into a body part until it glows with light. You are supposed to start with the left foot, move to the right, left lower leg, right lower leg etc. Eventually, one's enitre body, including internal organs should glow. At this point, one is supposed to externalize one's consciousness by pushing it through Tipereth (solar plexus).

Today, I immediately noticed that my left foot had the big toe on the wrong side. When did my right it was correct. Astrally, I had two right feet! Then two right legs. After that it straightened itself out and my body parts were correct again. At least until I got to my hands and my left hand was a right hand.

When I projected outward, I do not feel I exteriorized my awareness. However, I did see a lot of greenery. My temple room was covered in vines that seemed to grow out of my altar. I noticed a four pillar structure covering a statue of a woman. The architecture looked Greek. As soon as I saw that I thought "Netzach but there should be more pillars." The vision changed to a virtual forest of pillars. I thought, this must be lower astral to be that malleable. The scene normalized a bit. I saw tarnished copper men on tarnished copper horses racing through the area firing old fashioned musket-type weapons at me. The musket balls seemed very heavy as they whizzed past me. The balls were very tangible. I felt no fear but realized this could be problematic. I vibrated the Enochian god names for earth. Foolish. I then used those for fire (Netzach) and the men and horses fled. I was then able to walk under hanging vines and beauty.

I placed some flowers near the statue and was told that the tarnished men were my old challenges that I have overcome. All I need to do now is let them go.

My awareness shifted back to my temple room. I could briefly see my temple room, living room and part of the kitchen.

End of meditation.

I feel a great deal of pressure in my head at the moment to the rear right. Aside from that I felt calm afterwards by my heart rate is now increasing and I feel hungry. That is not normal for this time of night.

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Vir fortunae lucisque said...

All of these exercises have some point. Otherwise, why do we do them? This information is very useful! You show very well why we do these things! The visions serve a constructive, edifying purpose. That is as it should be. Bene factum, frater.