Saturday, May 10, 2008

Friday Night Dreams

I dreamed I was at a Dodger game with my sister and a male friend. I know that I know the person in real life but I can’t recall who the person was even though the rest of the dream was clear. While we live several hours away from the real Dodger Stadium, in the dream it was very close to our homes. This felt like a new development in our lives. I am not sure how I knew that as it wasn’t stated. It was a feeling. (Note: having such a feeling in the dream seems to be a new sense of dream awareness.) She asked if I was going to go games regularly on Saturday nights and I said that may interfere with my dating. (Note to my gal: No, I am NOT planning on dating

anyone else.)

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I was in some sort of TV show. The judge from Night Court (Harry Anderson), Mac (the black guy on the show) and some others I didn’t recognize. They were having some sort of heartfelt meeting about how they treat each other. Someone mentioned my real life coworker E as being very unforgiving of anyone that called in sick. She hadn’t realized it. (Note: In real life, I’ve called in sick most of this week due to my back pain). Two actors that played characters representing new employees apologized for the way they had acted. One of them used a very odd term I should remember, “Super nit” or something like that. Basically one person said I am a ‘nit’ for behaving that way. A woman said, “I must be a super nit because everyone here has treated me so well and I have…”

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I was in a very wealthy house. I watched as some ruthless drug dealer like person set someone up to be attacked by a very well-trained vicious dog. Then, I am walking in the house with someone who was unaware the dog had just killed a bear in the living room. Cut to a scene where the guy that played the president on West Wing, Martin Sheen, is sitting behind a huge oak desk. There are papers all over the desk. A person walks in who is just learned some news, “You need to finally learn the truth about your father,” says the Mr. Sheen and begins to fiddle with papers on his desk looking for documents he just had a moment ago (that part is much like myself). Suddenly, he starts shouting at folks, talking on the phone and giving orders, “General, I am taking this country to war.” At this point, I become a household servant that these power brokers are quite comfortable around. I am asked to make coffee for a female and a few other things. I have no problem doing these things.

I was woken up by my phone ringing at 2:30 in the morning in the middle of this one. I am now going back to bed.

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I was in my friend’s kitchen. It wasn’t quite his real life kitchen but close enough. This is a person that used to run a coven I was in as a neophyte. The situation went really badly and created a lot of animosity for quite some time. Regardless, he was telling me that he wants this years ‘party’ of new neophtyes to his religion to be screened because last time he did the welcome speech most of the folks weren’t really in the tradition. He said it was up to ‘us’, meaning he and his new wife, to make that call. I said, isn’t anyone that is cooked into the tradition really in, regardless of who cooked them, and he agreed but looked confused at me making that point.

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The next dream began with me leaving a shopping area. A bus was waiting to take shoppers home. I’ve had that portion of the dream before but only remembered that as I type this the next morning. As I sat down, I noticed that they have computers at each seat for folks to keep themselves entertained during the bus ride. The one at the seat next to me was still on. I turned it off and these tickets charging me for the computer time were printed and appeared from a very small printer attached to the side of the bus next to my seat. For tickets appeared. I waited for them to finish printing, tore them off and gave them to the bus driver and explained what happened. In the dream, I could read the amounts of the tickets and add them up. I can’t remember the total but it was over a hundred dollars. The driver said that he’d tell “Rick” about this but he’d have to assume they were mine. I looked at him like he was a nut because he saw me get on the bus only minutes before. Some other passengers objected as well.

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