Sunday, May 4, 2008

Small Revelation

When I started upon this path, I had a talent for reading tarot cards. As I moved up the initiatory chain, that talent or at the very least my interest, faded away. Today, I was thinking of enlivening my cards through an evocation. Then the thought struck me. It isn't that I have a talent at reading cards. My talent is listening.

There is already a spirit of the tarot, a spirit of me, a spirit of the universe, a spirit of each tree, a spirit of each animal. I can hear the words of the spirits but more importantly I am willing to listen. More importantly still, I do not feel that I am bound to do what the say. I listen critically and retain my own capacity for making decisions. I retain responsibility.

A Native American once told me during a difficult period in my life, "You can be the man you want to be because you listen." Those words suddenly have a different meaning.

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