Sunday, May 11, 2008

Saturday Night Dreams Cartoon Characters!

I am in my work office and there is an odd grid map on the floor. I hear a narrator say, "If a magician buys a house in this economy, he needs to..." and the map would zoom in and zoom out but it wasn't much more than a grid. I have no idea what the rest of that sentence was. Though, it sounds important to me. How come I can't remember the helpful parts in so many dreams?(Note: I own a home and have no plans to buy something else. However, this may be referring to something that is currently Hermetically sealed. I could see where the word house could apply.)
I remember is something being said about having fun. I have a water balloon and I am telling my mentor about it but that is a 'flash-forward. It feels like I am telling him about my current dream and the water balloon specifically but the conversation is behind held in the future. I feels like reverse deja vu. I tell him, "I have a holy hand grenade to use in my dreams." (Note: I assume this is an illusion to purification by water.) He asks me if I was prepared to use it, and I said yes.
Immediately, cut to Fred Flintstone who says, "Well, I will have a huge Yabba Dabba Do to that!" Cut to a hole in the ground. The Tasmanian Devil pops out only he is larger than normal. He is holding his tail (yes I know he only has a stub in the cartoons) but this one is long and part of it is red and throbbing. The "camera" zooms in to a close up of the injured portion. He says something pleasant to me and I say something pleasant to him.
Cut to me at work in the "MC" building. I am walking out but holding a water balloon that is big and very floppy. It is hard to hold on to. It is tied to a string that is over my shoulder. There was a smaller water balloon attached to it sometimes but not at other times.
I notice an email from my boss to me on one of the computers in a group area. PCs in common areas are not normally allowed due to privacy concerns. I respond to it but then realize it couldn't have been to me because I wasn't logged on to a pc in that building. It was someone else's log on. This persons name was very close to my boss's name and I could read it quite clearly in the dream. I choose not to hear because I am not about to publish my bosses name here. I looked for the Email I sent but could not find it in the sent folder. (Note: I think it is cool that I actually operated a PC in my dream the same way I would in 'real life'. I used a mouse and I could read the screen.) As I left, I saw the person who was logged onto the pc in a therapy session as a counselor with two other counselors and a client. They were happy because the client needed money to buy a house and they found the last little bit of it by balancing her checkbook. Again, it is out of procedure to hold meetings with clients in public areas out of concerns for privacy.
I leave the office holding the water balloons and walk to another modular building closely followed by a parent and child, both clients, of the services my government department provides. I have a string in my way that I can't see and have to dodge it a bit. I go into the office, which is really cramped, old and weird. I tell the people that are following me, whom I haven't acknowledged until this point that visitors go into the door to our right.
I move to the left.
This is the second or third time I have had a dream about that particular office configuration but I couldn't tell you if they were all tonight or not.
I also remember wearing a piece of cardboard as a hat. It was almost like a cardboard tray you'd get fast food with but not quite. I thought, why do I always wear this when I do this particular job? I take off the hat, examine it. Realize it is a fast food tray like thing and wonder if I look crazy to other people for wearing this? Then I wonder if I am crazy or eccentric. Then the dream continued. I know I have recently dreamed of the cardboard hat before and I don't think it was tonight. It may be one of those things I dream of often but don't remember.

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