Saturday, May 24, 2008

2nd Degree Opening and Question

I did the second degree opening as shown in Greer's book, Circles of Power. Last time, I thought I had it memorized and it was nice but left something to be desired. This time, I just did it straight out of the book. Wow. I thought I liked the first degree opening. The feeling ... well, there are not words...Tonight was one of those nights that marked progress as a magician. Even if the rite was done out of a book the sense of being in another state of consciousness was great. I know I do better when things are memorized. I am looking forward to that day.
The result of the question came through the tarot as interpreted by myself with a couple of words added by my HGA. Basically, the problem is a fear of the loss of individuation. The cure is accepting the consequences of union in advance. So, I vibrated the divine names of Hod eight times and then said a little something in the line of acceptance eight times.
I also asked if the being I encountered last night was Bune. The answer was no but it was related because each being had something to do with commerce. Had I accepted, I would have experienced Bune and entirely different way. Though, it doesn't matter. Bune will be a successful working. My delays just cause delays.
I was really impressed with tonight's work. Many times I am self-effacing in my self-appraisal. This time, I am going to give myself a little credit. That was nice.

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