Monday, May 12, 2008


Tonight when I went to bed, I remembered my last semi-success with lucid dreaming and repeated the formula. I lined up my demons at my feet and my HGA above me and whispered the words the open the veil, paroketh. I felt the gates open. All the chakras in the center column opened briefly, I affirmed this is what I wanted, and then I felt my body close them and its fear. The distinction here is important. My body closed them. I did not. Not only did I feel the psychic centers open. I felt my body, as an independent entity, close them. Fascinating. I have no fear of going astral. My body has a fear of letting me go.

We've been playing this game all night. I can not sleep. My back is killing me but I may have been able to fall asleep anyway were in not for the distraction of this game. Gateway open, gateway close.

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