Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Motto Change

When I started this blog, I chose the name Frater Bonehead. For those of you that don't know, ceremonial magicians refer to each other in the Latin for brother or sister. The bonehead part was a bit of a private joke and an indication of both humility and to point out, despite the arrogance of blogging about daily work, that I realize I make mistakes and am at times a bit boneheaded.

However, when I see other people use it, I don't like it much. Degrading isn't the right word. But it belies the fact that I work hard at this sort of thing and have had some good success in the Work both magickally and spiritually.

Magicians choose a motto to define their work, what they seek or their magickal path. I have therefor chosen Frater Perceptum Operor Servo, Learn Do Serve. Not only does this fit my magickal philosophy in general it is apropos to this blog. Part of the purpose of this blog is to serve by giving beginners a glimpse into the antics of a working magician, as so many have no idea where to even start or assume they have to actually know something before getting started. Service also includes sparking some ideas within the minds of the more experienced folks. Lastly, those that don't work magickally can learn what we really do. Hopefully, it will bridge a culture gap.

I also find it amusing that POS is also an acronym for Point of Service. Which describes this blog as well.

Frater POS
(the magician formerly known as bonehead)


Brother Red said...

POS is also the acronym for Piece of Shit. In case you didn't know. I would totally change my motto. :D

Vir fortunae lucisque said...

Hmm...also, I would change the Latin a bit. The infinitive here is best in this case. Plus, there is a better word for learn and Do. My rendering of "Learn, Do, Serve" would then be: "Discere, Facere, Servire" Which in English would be "To Learn, To Do (as well as Make), To Serve."

Now, were you to render this as an IMPERATIVE (i.e. "Do! Learn! Serve!") as a 2nd person singular command, it would be "Disce, Fac, Serve")

Your abbreviation would then be DFS. Not too bad.

Frater BH said...

Holy Cow. This is an old post. Had I not had someone point this out, I would have missed it. I am afraid this is a common problem with magicians. We take Latin names without knowing anything about the language except for how to google a dictionary.