Monday, May 19, 2008

Mondy Night Dreams -- PAN! and Great Hieghts

I am working on a government campus for former Speaker of the House Tip O'Niel. Only now, he is a senator. My job is no job. I had transferred in sometime ago from a government clerical job and have no assigned duties. Everyone knows I work there but I do nothing. From what I gather, I show up to work every day but after that, I just wander around. I feel bad about that but no one else seems to care. I feel dejected or, at best, not useful.
I have been there for quite some time waiting for someone (whose name I knew in the dream) to check out a job listing that was under someone else's name (which I knew in dreamland too). I had literally been waiting for months to show her the job listing. She showed up but I wasn't aware of it. She showed up and a recently promoted person found her and brought her by the office lamenting that the first person that found her had done something wrong (not I) and that she found this woman applicant laying down before the sign that posted the information about the job. The applicant/now new hire asked the senior person what she'd be paid. She said, somewhat less that $8.18 and hour, which was my salary. If I pay you more than that, I'd expect a lot of work out of you.
Note: 8+1+8 = 17 1+7 = 8 Hod. The sephira I was close to but not permitted to enter in my astral experience. I can not recall remembering numbers in my dreams before the last few weeks.
I see my ex-wife in the same office and we acknowledge each other but say nothing. The new hire asks if we know each other. I explain the relationship and she says, "Oh." like it is a big problem and I indicate it isn't.
At lunch time folks are outside in a grassy area and someone kicks a soccer ball incredible high and we watch with awe. Someone else kicks a ball toward my ex and she kicks it back like she knows what she is doing. Everyone was impressed.
Later a group of us are in a tractor trailer, minus the tractor, with the Senator having a riotous good time. There are people on the outside trying to flip it over. My gal showed up and I told her, as we all were busting up, Sorry this is a project for the Senator. Very hush hush. Very important. She left. Someone attacked the trailer with a long pole for leverage. I think I came close to physically laughing while I was dreaming. I can not recall laughing in any dream I've ever had.
It turns out the tractor flipping and the soccer play was preparation for some sort of competition.
Next Dream
I am with my real life coworker after we've been told we are going on a business trip. The trip is going to take us to the Midwest and near the baseball hall of fame. In real life, that isn't possible but work with me. He is trying to convince me to ditch the meetings and go to the Hall of Fame and states he will go without me, if I don't go. Suddenly, I am in the Midwest, driving my old green Saturn, through a mountainous area. The landscape seems like it is past the timberline but I can still see some trees and my feeling is that the flat lands are very close. I see this huge and beautiful buck in a clearing. The horns were so long that they turned to etheric pin points, almost like a string of light in a wondrous crescent shape. Without warning, another buck is very close. He starts chasing my car. I am very concerned with his behavior. I am worried he will ram my car, which would not be good on unfamiliar mountain roads. Though, the buck never really threatens. I though am afraid. The first big beautiful buck comes running towards us. I feel he is trying to protect me.
The image of that big beautiful buck, not to mention those crescent horns fading off to so high, will remain with me for some time. Could that buck have been some version of Pan? It seemed so real. More real than that of which I was afraid.

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