Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Shared Dream?

Tonight (it is 12:40 or so as I write Tuesday night) I dreamed that my mentor and I were on the phone. He was trying to communicate something to me but volume was low and there was this odd echo. I commented about this to him and he looked at his iphone and started poking buttons. I have no idea how I know he did that as I was in a different room in a different house. Regardless, I said, "No T, you're dreaming" a couple of times and he said something like "Wow, you're right, I am dreaming. Nice job.." And went on to explain the an event in May was canceled. Initially I was fine with that but for some reason started giving him a hard time. He patiently explained (the rest must be edited)

I have an email out to him asking him if we shared that dream. I doubt he'll read it in time to rememebr as he has been quite busy. The odd part here is that in reading Stavish last night, he advised to make a simple statement of intent about where you wanted to go that night. My statement involved going to my temple. I landed my mentor. In the fuzzy world of the astral, that is close.

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