Monday, May 26, 2008

2nd Degree Opening Plus New Stavish

I have opened the last few days work with the 2nd Degree Opening and have been more than please with the results. It helped create a new way of vibrating during the LBRP which I will keep to myself but has loads of possibilities. I am intrigued. I literally feel bigger and taller. Frankly, the feeling is a bit scary but I like it.

Having re-read Stavish and realizing that I was doing a ritual that was designed to be preliminary as if it was the final ritual to be worked, I have moved on to projecting through a pentagram after doing the big white ball and highlighting each of my body parts as done previously.
This time, I collapsed the light of my body into a point in the center of my chest and willfully pushed that ball through a pent with aleph in its center. I 'saw' the energy 'fly' in an arch through the pend and form 'me' on the other side. My consciousness remained within the physical me. I 'spoke' to the form I created and asked why I my consciousness remained with my physical side. "Because you won't let it go." Gee thanks.

Next time, the pent will be full human size and I will send the whole body of light through it. We'll see.

I am very very happy with the 2nd Degree Opening. The first degree turned the opening into a religious experience. The 2nd Degree seems to add power.

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