Saturday, May 3, 2008

Friday Night Dreaming

Sleep came so fast last night that I couldn't focus before I nodded off. I thought of it. I tried.

I do not remember much of dreaming last night except a tidbit about playing pinnacle with my sister and her husband. I assume the fourth was my gal but I don't recall seeing her. The cards in pinnacle are only face cards, aces and tens. There are four of each card per suit. My sister had dealt way too many cards as normal cards were included. She started the bidding process before I had my hand sorted out but since I had all four access of diamonds, I said, "I can beat her with just the cards I can see now."

The ace of diamonds would be analogous to the ace of wands. Having all four access would seem to be a confirmation dream concerning my state of fire. Holding all four could mean I have mastered the current lessons in all four qabalistic worlds (unlikely) or that I hold the keys to the four aspects of microcosmic fire from my tradition (More likely). Though, I tend to think that I have mastered the current lessons of the latter. I am sure there are more to come.

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