Monday, April 30, 2012

Tough Soul Reading

I did a soul reading this weekend. This will be very difficult to write-up. It would take much too long to figure out the proper wording for a decent post. Bear with me.  This reading was done for free as she volunteered when I still needed guinea pigs to hone my technique. I am obligated for a couple more of those.

This person has given me full permission to post anything I want to.

Her soul  reading was by far the most difficult I have ever done. The upside was that despite the hard work I didn't detect any tiredness after.

Betty (not her real name) has always felt that she is routinely ignored. In fact, even when she goes out of her way to be helpful, she barely gets a thank you. People seem to forget her and/or view her very negatively. Betty is someone I know and I can vouch for the fact that her routine behavior is not contemptible and she she is normally smiling and friendly. I have seen her attract some negative people as friends. I have also seen positive people stay away from her but without actually saying anything negative about Betty.

When I started the reading, I felt putrid energy. This is energy was vile and unexpected. Trying to move past it was like walking through a crack whore. It smelled of drugs, decay and despair. Worse, there was a LOT of this energy. Her Nephesch was using this to hide. It has no interest in ever being noticed by anyone.

It is so secretive that it lead me to a house and then cranked up the negative energy. It lead me to believe something horrible happened there until Betty said she had no recollection of the house. When i went back much later in the reading, the house was Betty's calm place. The Nephesch did not want me to lead her there. So, it showed me the place as a horror house. Clever.

At some point, I said words that I never thought I'd say in my life. "You are the reincarnation of one of Jack the Ripper's victim's." I told her that her father was rich man and she was borne out of wedlock which eventually forced her into prostitution. Having checked the Ripper's victims this cannot be accurate. There were no bastards in that lot. This must have been a metaphor for a murdered prostitute.

It was obvious that the nephesch would thrown up this drug whore energy to make people ignore her. I advised her on techniques for overcoming this energy. I know these would work but then I'd say something like, "But even if you do that you will have the same problem."

The energy clung to her like a cloud. I eventually used my hands to push it away and find the light underneath. She said she found that part to be pleasant and enjoyed watching me do it. I found the light and then an image over that light. I didn't share this with Betty because I didn't think to and I didn't have a meaning for it. I figured out that the shape was something I recognize as a guardian. My conclusion on that is that I won't be able to read her better parts until we deal with the crack whore energy.

I kept pushing past the muck until I learned something. The reason that despite all her efforts she can't change her situation is that she has an open portal between this life and the dead prostitute life. No amount of cleansing will help until that door is closed.

I can't let this go. If anyone called for a healing it is this woman. I have set appointments to consult with some other people of skill for advice on how to approach this. I have every intention of shutting that door so this woman can live.

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