Saturday, April 21, 2012

Follow-Ups and Another Service

MM People

Winter has been doing quite well with her drinking. She reports that she is getting bored with alcohol. Also, she had reduced her intake to the point that she doesn't have that fuzzy brain feeling anymore and can thus enjoy reading with full concentration. She loves to read. Also, she is looking for activities to do during her normal drinking period. Winter is doing this not as a substitute but because she is no able to do other things.

I am helping Winter using soul healing and advice that allows her to heal her own soul. She is also doing the MM.

Addiction is a very difficult thing to deal with. If I am successful at aiding Winter to give it up, I plan on asking the local leader of a Pagan AA group to work with. If I am successful, I will offer that as a service as well to selected people.

The New Pagan has reported that her normal anxiety issues are greatly reduced. She feels comfortable about herself even when there is someone nearby that may not like her. That is a HUGE step. Her work output in college has also been exemplary and a marked improvement over last semester.

The New Pagan is doing the MM. She started when I noticed something about her Nephesch during a pain healing. I did not heal her Nephesch. After being told about it, she took her own steps to do that. In my opinion, that ROCKS!

The agnostic went on a job interview this week! She has moved from virtual shut-in to being very confident in a job interview for a part time job that she calls a transitional job. She is aware there is more to come whether she gets hired for this one or not. She also learned a very important lesson today. I am not going to blog that as I don't know if she is comfortable with me doing so.

I am very proud of these people.

Follow Up

This is a follow up to my post earlier today.

One of the things I mentioned was feeling this feeling of compassion and holiness. The compassion is not directed at anyone but more the Universe, to every molecule and no molecule, to all suffering and no suffering. I has dawned on my that there is no difference between compassion and holiness whatsoever. I am also aware that having compassion without acting on it is not...complete. How do you act on compassion to a molecule? Of course, there are more practical considerations.

As part of that early morning connection, I have realized there is resistance. I'm not sure if I have mentioned it here but about ago I woke up a vegetarian. I have found the better I eat the better I feel. The less meat I eat, the better I feel. The holier I feel the more crap I eat. What? Yeah. ALong with being a vegetarian, I haven't eaten snack food, chips, cakes, cookiess or anything else. At least I didn't right up until I started to feel holy. Then the body attacked. Yesterday, I HAD TO HAVE something to EAT RIGHT NOW. There were only potato chips in the vending machine. I had some. I have ordered food to be delivered twice in two days.

I find this to be quite odd.

Today, I am disturbed. I am moving back and forth between feeling that wonderful cool water spread through my lighter bodies. I have come to attribute Greater Neschemah contact. Other times, I feel lazy and my body feels tired. I feel as if I am being shown transitional states or that I can eventual live within that cool water. I do not know. What I do know is that I do not know what I am being taught. I don't understand. I am confused. I am a bit afraid and then suddenly at peace.

Another Service

I have always been pretty good with dealing with pain. I have had particular success with headaches and unexplained physical pain. By that I mean pain that doctors would attribute to emotional issues or other sorts of vague diagnoses. I will like post some reasonable rates for that as well that will slide depending upon severity.

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