Monday, April 9, 2012

A Bit of Humbling

Yesterday, I posted that the ego monster had arrived. I felt pretty full of myself for a few hours there. I am sure I will again.

Last night, I meditated and asked for for for...something. I didn't ask to be humbled and that is inviting disaster. I kept fishing around for the right words and then gave up. I simply asked that I be instructed as I needed to be.

Today it hit me. I have taught the MM as both a spiritual and a mundane method. It is quite obvious how to do the MM as an act of thaumaturgy. This is incorrect. The MM is designed as a spiritual practice of attainment. Doing other things simply increases our attachment to the lower rungs of the ladder.

So, an MM mistake has thus been recorded. I will endeavor to only do the MM as originally designed. The thaumaturgy can be saved for emergencies, I suppose. However, perhaps even emergencies is an excuse.

Watching the Past

One of the things that I have learned from Be Here Now has to do with attachments. My attachment to more than one thing in the past is a problem. So, in doing the MM today using its spiritual phrasing, images came to mind, scenes of those things were created in my mind. I watched them dissolved into nothing. Then I built them up and watched them dissolve again and again and again.

I plan to continue that exercise for a while.


Sometime ago, I mentioned being hit the idea of starting a church. That idea is morphing into a sangha-like idea. Rather than a full monastery as implied, this would be a loose association of like-minded people seeking enlightenment through the use of the MM.  I am still kicking around things but that seems much much better than a church.

So  What is the MM?

The Manifestation Meditation (MM) is a qabalistically based meditation designed to foster direct contact with the highest levels of the soul and manifest that in this life. The exact details of how it is performed and the meditation itself are not being posted.

One of the reasons is that I know a blogger that came up with system and taught it relatively indiscriminately. Unfortunately, that came out poorly for at least one of his students. I am more than willing to learn from someone else's mistake.

Another is that I am sharing it with people whom I know and can easily learn about. The collateral results are not in yet. The more data I collect, the more comfortable I will be with sharing.

Lastly, I am writing a book on the topic.

I'm really not sure how to respond to all of you writing and asking for the formula. I just can't do that yet.

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Yvonne Chireau said...

I like the sangha. I am going to one of those kinds of meetings at a yoga center this week, to do a "oneness" ritual. This sounds like something you can do with your classes, on a regular basis. "Church" might carry too much baggage.