Sunday, April 15, 2012

Class and Soul Reading

The first class on the MM went well. People had a good time and I think they really heard what I had to say.   The presentation style I chose was a bit out of my normal mode of delivery but it went over very well. The turn out was about half of those who had signed up which is a bit better other classes that I have seen done under the same organizational umbrella. I think there was 15 to 17 people there. I told them all not to decide weather they wanted to do the meditation or join the sangha that day. Despite that, two asked if they can attend. I have no idea if others will contact me later on that part or not.

Overall, I am quite pleased with how it turned out. I did note that my back did not hurt during that presentation at all. While negative emotion can make it worse full concentration can make it go away.


We all have negative thoughts. We all have sad memories placed before our metaphorical windshield from time to time. Of late, I have been able to notice such thoughts and put them away, let them go. I don't latch onto the negative/painful idea. This allows me to sleep so much better.

Sleep Problems

I have agreed to help the Agnostic with sleep problems. I tried Thursday night. I couldn't get near her. I am not sure why. I will try again.

Soul Reading

I did another paid reading yesterday. It went very well. I will write that up and send it to the person and see if s/he is willing to have me post it. I will remove some detail.

I great a great deal of satisfaction doing these readings. I was not tired afterwards at all. This is good. I am stretching those muscles. I want to get to the point where I could do five a day. If I can do that, I will take the show on the road to various occult shops and other like minded facilities.

My problem is that even people that understand the qabalistic terms I use are a bit confused as to what a soul reading is. I am sending an email today those that have had a reading asking them to describe it so that someone else could understand it. That may give me a clue as to how to market it. In my opinion, it is a great value at $100 for an hour reading.

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