Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Winter Update and Pain Services

Pain Management and Insomnia Services

I am offering my occult services in the areas of Pain Management and Insomnia, as well as, miscellaneous  emotional or other issues as they arise. Please see this page for details and the honor-based fee structure.


I am working with Winter and her alcoholism. So far, she is doing very well. Is no longer drunk nightly. She has reduced by at least half her alcohol consumption and reports that drinking is now boring.

Last night, I visited her Nephesch. To my vision, it has changed from an angry crying baby to a more serpent being. Previously, I had advised Winter to kindly approach her Nephesch and offer it certain words of comfort. In speaking with it, it reports she has tried and it seemed to appreciate the effort even though it was not greatly effective. Well, at least to them. I think seeing the nephesch change shape does demonstrate changes have occurred from those efforts.

I asked it what it needed for comfort. I 'took' it to a Catholic church. It was not uncomfortable there but not comforted by being there. I then took it someplace else that I can't recall and that was about the same. Then, I was outside looking up and seeing stars in the night sky. This it found comfort in. I have advised her to spend some time at night, looking at the sky and thinking peaceful thoughts while realizing she is doing this for her Nephesch.

Her Ruach is angry and not being treated like everyone else. This is a common ego trip. We are all treated exactly like everyone would be if we behaved the way the way they do. I will be advising Winter on how to begin changing her public behavior. She also needs to ask the Ruach to reach out to the Nephesch and build some interaction there.

In speaking with her, she has no interest in changing public behavior. That is okay. It is my job to share what I see not convince other people how they should live in any form whatsoever. I will see if there is another way to calm this anger. If not, then there is nothing to be done with that portion until she is ready.


I am feeling completely blessed when I come home to write the blog or aid the people I am aiming. My Greater Neschemah gives me a reward of coolness that tingles all over my body. For some odd reason, I get this driving home and sometimes it is so strong that I am tempted to pull to the side.

The sexuality from the last reading seems to be fading but not quite gone.

I have used the MM on my back recently. Twice now, I have changed the meditation using more direct phrasing. Twice I have felt something move physically. No real change in symptoms though.

Manifestation Meditation

An attendee of the class started reading the blog. She read where I learned that anxiety seems to be the first thing to be resolved with the meditation. She was stunned as she has the same experience with no coaching from me whatsoever. I was not even aware she was doing the meditation.

For another example of its effects of highest self contact, see this post from Yvonne.


Yvonne Chireau said...

We are all treated exactly like everyone would be if we behaved the way the way they do.

I'm sorry, I have read this four times and I don't know what you mean. But I feel that it is important for me to understand, but the meaning is blocked to me for some reason.

Might be ego, lol

Can you say this another way? It is a valuable insight for me.

Robert said...

I am treated with caution at work because of my history of temper flare ups. As I have radical changed, people are becoming pleasantly confused by my behavior.

A co-worker, who is a very kind Sagittarius, has always been treated with warmth and kindness.

However, had I always behaved as he did and he always behaved as I people's reactions to us would be inverse as well.

Behavior gets response. If you could completely mimic the personality of another you would be treated just as that person is treated.

Does that make more sense?