Thursday, April 12, 2012

Blueprint of the Soul?

Fair Warning: I am going to have a hard time explaining this. 

I did a soul reading last week and fell into a man's nephesch. This experience has changed my concept of the soul in general and the parts in particular. 

When I fell in, I saw an entire world. There was a full landscape. It reminded me of the term phrase Big Sky Country. Under the blue late dusk sky, lay a blanket of green grass.  In the distance, I could see rolling foothills but the land seemed to go on forever. I am pretty sure that there was a lot to explore. So much to explore that I understand Lon DuQuette's quote, "It is all in your head. You just have no idea how big your head is."

This has lead me to some thoughts that I will clarify further below.
  • Is each soul level a 'place'? Can I go into my own soul and explore such landscapes?
  • The structure of soul 'landscapes' 
  • The Nesphesch isn't always in fear.
  • Astral images convey meaning or emotion more than form.
Are Soul Levels Places?

I know in the past I have tried to look into my own soul or during moments of higher states and saw a solar system in a field of stars. This, if it meant anything at all, was likely my Ruach. The Ruach is centered upon Tipereth (the sun) on the tree of life. 

Having seen the Nesphesch of another as a world, I am wondering if things look like this:

Nephesch -- earthy world
Ruach -- Solar System
Immortal Soul (Greater Neschemah)- Clear/white light? Crowley describes that macrocosmically as a city of pyramids, which I have also seen. I am not even sure of the first two in my little list. Don't think I think I know what I'm talking about when it comes to the landscape of the immortal soul. 


I have often said the Nephesch only knows fight/flight and reproduction. However, I have seen damaged Nesphesch (plural) that look like babies to me. Well, not quite but that is as close as I can come to describe them. However, a mature person's healthy Nephesch is either unclear to be or a doorway to the above mentioned landscape. 

I have now seen several Nephesch that are not all about fear and have learned not to project fear or sexuality upon the Nephesch when I can't clearly see it.

Astral Images

The radical change between a health and damaged Nephesch seems unlikely. If I saw baby, child, teen, adult images that would make sense. However, baby to landscape does not. I am wondering if what I see conveys more the emotion of the soul level than its fixed form. 

Soul Healing and Alcoholism

For those following my work with Winter and her alcoholism. My week waiting period has ended. She reports to be very confident in getting a handle on things and is drinking less but still consistantly. I will be doing more work with her tonight or soon thereafter. 


Yvonne Chireau said...

wow, this is real spiritual excavation. And it is a learning opportunity for you too, as well as an opportunity to do healing.

Can you say by what means you "fell" into this person's soul? Is there a specific ritual process?

What a lot of trust that this person's Self placed in you! It is truly an honor.

Robert said...

no process. I think I was just so focused that the equivalent of astral projection occurred.

Yes, unbelievably trusting.