Saturday, April 21, 2012

Life at the Moment

I am having some issues.

First of all, nothing makes me happier than teaching the MM. Every time I do, people heal and grow. Every time I do, my back feels great for that period of time. Then why cannot I not crank out this book? I know 90% of the information off the top of my head. I just cannot seem to make the effort to get it out of there.

Last night, I did the MM to help me crank out 5,000 words this weekend. I have nothing else to do this weekend and that isn't really a lot of first draft words. It helped in that I keep trying but I just can't take a meaningful step that starts things off.

I am getting perturbed with myself big time. I know writing a book is hard work. I know editing is hard work but I put words up here all the time. The only difference is that the book is more structured.

Issue #2

Someone was thinking of me last night. I could feel emotional angst, torment. I think it was female. There was no way for me to tell if this person was in pain because of something I did or was thinking of me in a support role. It wasn't loud enough to be disturbing other than someone was in pain. It made me sad.

When things like this happen, I feel arrogant and a bit nuts. Arrogant to think that someone is up at 11:00 PM on a Friday night focused on me. Nuts because that is so subjective, I could be imagining it. If someone is thinking of me that strongly, I wish they'd call.

Issue #3

I want to do a lot of soul readings. I love them. I love helping people heal and I learn a great deal about the human condition in general. I am a very strong tarot reader but soul readings up that to shame. Yet, I do not want to get overloaded in doing them. I am considering doing the MM to build up a clientele.

Good Issue

I have been waking up in the morning feeling very peaceful and connected to the universe. This is way cool because I just feel like love and compassion.  I am changing once again.

There are times that I really feel peaceful, holy, in communion. That feeling is always want I imaged I'd arrive at upon this journey. I feel like I have climbed the mountain of initiation only to learn that it is a foothill. I am good with that. Seriously, I am good with that.

Someone hand me some trail mix. Up we go!

Next Post

I will post later today on some MM success stories. I am trying to catch up from my lack of blogging last week.


Anonymous said...

Dont get paralyzed by the idea of a "book." Just write it out as though you were describing it in an email to a friend. Then, once its out on the paper, you can go back and add any structure or formality or other touches to make it appropriate for a general audience.

Robert said...

good idea. Thanks

Melissa said...

The issue with writing a book -- and I've done it -- is that writing at a professional level for publication is *completely* different from writing a blog post, even if the subject is the same.

That said, I find nonfiction-for-publication easier than fiction, because it's easier to break into chunks. I may not have it in me to think about a whole chapter, but I can work on that subtopic.

Re: soul readings. I think I remember from reading the archives of your blog that you used to get tired out by Tarot in the beginning, but you developed endurance over time. I hope you can develop the same with the soul readings, so you can do more. They're so worthwhile!

Now I want trail mix.