Thursday, April 19, 2012

Soul Sangha

Today was the first meeting for the Soul Sangha. This is the name I have given to the Manifestation Meditation group that will meet here monthly. Four people, including myself, attended. Two people had indicated they would. One of them had to work.

All four of us reported almost instant changes occurring doing the meditation. Mine was the slowest in developing but I was the guy that pulled the thing into manifestation. So, it stands to reason that the effects would take a bit longer in me.

All four of us also reported that social anxiety was the first target to be tackled by our higher selves. While that anxiety took different forms in all of us, our souls chose it to go first. Three of us reported greater self confidence manifesting in a healthy way. There was not a bit of us versus them but more of an "I really am ok," type of emotion. The fourth had only been doing the meditation for a few days. So the self-confidence part hasn't hit him yet.

Everyone had very positive stories to tell from great success in tasks that were previously difficult to mental and physical health issues being resolved.

Two of us reported severe 'initiatiatory deconstructions' in the beginning stages.

Soul Reading

The soul reading I did yesterday did not cause the extreme fatigue previous readings have. This time I absorbed the energy around the reading before I left. I caught the happiness of the readee. I am glad it worked out this time but next time, if the person is not so joyful, it could be a problem.

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