Saturday, April 7, 2012

Another Soul Reading and an Approach of Spirit

Last night, I did a soul reading for a good friend. This person is not one to just open up but he made a conscious effort to do so. I was honored by his trust. I will not share any part of this reading. I will say that I learned the following:

  • The Nephesch, while problematic, is not always in fear. 
  • Even the Nephesch is HUGE, unbelievably huge. This brought to mind Lon DuQuette's statement, "It is all in your head. You just have no idea how big your head is." That is a very dubious statement logically but oh so true from other points of view. You folks that think he is to simplistic, to 'common denominator' should go back and read him again. It really is that simple. It is ego that complicates things. 
  • The Automatic Personality can serve a good purpose.
  • The things in our lives that don't work for us but oft repeated are very closely related to the things that do work for us and our divine mandate.
  • The human tendency to think that others are 'further away' from God then you are, they are or some guru may be is garbage. We are all so closely tied to the divine that It is but a step away.
At the beginning he seriously asked me, "Are these worth $100?" I replied in the affirmative and added they are a lot of work. The value is there. Afterwards, I asked him if they were worth a hundred dollars. His reply was a very simple, "Yes."

These soul readings are useful. Reading the state of the Nesphesch, Automatic Personality, Ruach and Greater Neschemah may be done for curiosity reasons. I have received tarot readings for entertainment value in the past. The useful part is that the soul readings also come with practical actions to take to clear up blocked places in your manifestation. 

A conundrum arose after this particular reading. I delved very deep into the world of this man's nephecsh. I was much deeper within that part of him than I have been within any part of my soul. Why can I not reach that level of depth within myself?

Approach of Spirit

With my morning bagel and coffee I read more of Ram Daas Be Here Now. I was in a section on the use of mantras for daily life not just in formal meditation. Such a mantra popped into my head in English, a no-no according to the authors. I started repeating the mantra internally when I noticed one of the semi-regular customers at a table. This group always appeared to me as a group of church goers. They all seem like nice, pleasant, upstanding citizens. 

This time, I saw the young man was in fear. It was obvious. I knew what I was supposed to do. When he stepped away from the group I approached him and said, "Fear not, you are worthy of divine love." He thanked me as I quickly moved away.

I don't think those words impacted him much but there is no way for me to really know. I do know that I wasn't as confident in saying them that I was in hearing them and my social awkwardness at approaching someone out of left field for a statement like that interfered with the energy of the words. Maybe, if it happens again, I will do better. 

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