Monday, April 23, 2012

Soul Reading Impact

Soul Reading Impact

Sunday, I did a soul reading. The time before this, I reabsorbed the energy around the person I was reading for. I think I picked up a lot of her jovial spirit in that. This time, I reabsorbed the energy around me. The results were similar.

Flower, who lives with me platonically, mentioned this morning that after those last two readings, I spoke faster and glowed like a candle. The latter sounds kind of cool. It makes me wish I could see auras like that. After the reading I felt good. I thought of reducing my weekday prices because I had so much good energy that I wouldn't crash at work today. Wrong. I crashed. Perhaps not as hard as before but there was an obvious crash.

I performed the MM at lunch for replenishing energy. It worked some.

Like the last reading where I felt I was imbued with the readee's happiness, this time I was imbued with the readee's...SECTION REDACTED. SORRY. This a quick edit after posting. There was more here a minute ago. REDACTION REDACTED after speaking with the readee.

I was imbued with the readee's sexuality. This could raise some professionalism issues in the future, if that sort of thing is normal.

A Moment of Connection

After the comment about glowing this morning, I was inspired to 'be holy' today, whatever that means. I tried to stay connected to my Greater Neschemah throughout the day. Early on, I felt that my coworker was having a sudden and momentary hard time regarding her hustand who passed a few months ago. On our walk during break she mentioned at that time she received an email from her deceased husband. Some spammer had used his email to send spam to his entire address book.

Soul Reading Costs

A few people have commented that they want a soul reading but they can't afford it. If people make a reasonable upfront payment, I will give them some time to pay the rest. Email me for details. Priorities on this go to people I recognize from the comments section. Just don't be the person that ruins it for everyone else.

This weekend is already booked though.

Pain Management Services

Soon there will be a services page detailing costs on this. They will be more affordable than soul readings.

Personal Note

I realized today that I have no animosity regarding my former coven. We are not going to be best friends or anything but the animosity seems to be gone.


Yvonne Chireau said...

I am very glad for your success. This seems to be something you were born to do.

Do you know the story of Mikao Usui, the man who established Reiki as a healing system? The story goes that after being very successful in Japan word got out about Reiki, and people would come from near and far to see him. After a while though, he noticed that people were coming back again and again, as though their healings did not "stick." What was happening is that people did not value what they had received as a gift because it was free. It had no value even though it was a wonderful perfect divine system. So Usui realized that people would have to pay with something of value to receive equal value. Some people were very poor and had to apprentice themselves; some people had to have patience in order to save the money; for some it was an energy exchange of time, goods, or services. Usui found that it was necessary, not because the Reiki wasn't free, which it is, but because in order to heal the person there had to be a free flow and fair exchange of whatever the energy of transaction is.
Something to think about when people say that they cannot afford the fee for your time...
good luck...LOL THE TEST WORD FOR ROBOTS IS "king usui"

Robert said...

yes, I am a 2nd Degree Reiki person. Like anything else,I do see some truth in that.