Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Nature of Healing: Pagan Blog Project

I have been remiss in my Pagan Blog Project duties mostly because I was uninspired. This is my H is for Healing post.

I have noticed an all encompassing personal lesson emerge from my dark night of the soul and continue all the way the through my soul reading and pain and sleep disorder healing work.

There are several key components to healing. These apply to healing physical, mental, emotional, creative and spiritual issues, as well as, interpersonal relationships be they friendly, romantic, or professional.

  • Clearly understanding what is yours versus what is belongs to the other party
  • Compassion
  • A Gentle Hand
  • Detachment from Ego
  • Instincts
That first one may not make much sense when we think of physical healing as we think of doctors and bandages. However, we may think a given issue is caused by a given thing. Often that perspective is born of our experience and our life rather than true seeing. Allowing yourself to see other than what you expect reflects a deep understanding of the process of healing. Failing to do so can cause the subtle images of the astral to morph in ways that allow your misinterpretation of the problem. If you allow this, you cannot heal. 

Compassion must be felt. It is only through compassion for the pain of others that one can truly feel the deepest of issues. Without this, one would be treating the symptom such as sleeplessness rather than the cause.

Surgery is a martial art. Cutting, blood, removing organs or cancers all fall under the the purview of Mars. Psychic Healing falls more under the purview of Jupiter, Saturn, Water and Air. All of those require a very soft use of force or a gentle hand. One must cradle the illness, comfort it and replace it back in the astral body of the ill. Only in this way can that part of the person heal in an integrated manner. Simply cutting it away can result in a vacuum that can be filled by almost anything. Compassion and healing means loving the entire person not just the part that feels healthy. One must love the illness as well. 

Detachment from the ego is a bit redundant as it is necessary for knowing what is the healer's versus the other's. Things go further than that. Ego will force healing. Ego will impose itself on the process. This will flash back and result in failure. 

Instincts come into play once you see the problem. Sometimes we can heal through the shamantic process. A shaman is often given his gifts to heal by having suffered through the illness. I have an intimate relationship with pain on many levels. Therefore, I can heal it. While I suppose this counts as instincts, it isn't what I mean by instincts. When the healer encounters something new, he must speak to the soul of the ill and/or the universe at large to find the method of best practice and apply it. This is something made impossible by the ego. One must detach from the ego in order to make this work. 

Some Healing in Action

The Clear One

I am aiding another local witch that I will refer to as the Clear One. She is having horrible stomach/digestion issues. 

In my work with her, I saw that she has done so much astral work that she's damaged the connection between her subtle bodies and her digestive tract. She is losing the connection between these bodies. Naturally, this is quite dangerous. I smoothed 'earth' onto her belly and back of her torso. This she seemed to respond to well. I then called the etheric body and 'rubbed' their tummies together. 

It was here that one of her guardians approached. He was tall brawny and wore a kilt. He was having none of this type of help from me. He knew I meant well and he did not menace me but I was going no further. I have a feeling this was one of her other plane friends and my work may make their visits more difficult. I backed off. There is no reason to fight to heal (see detachment from ego above). 

Later she reported this is one of her astral friends. He believed she needed to do the work I was doing herself. 

I followed up with instructions to her which she followed. The next day she reported no longer feeling like she has been punched in the stomach. Also her nausea is gone. This is within twelve hours of the healing and something modern medicine was not helping with.

The Agnostic

She is having a hard time sleeping and always has. Last night, I went past the part of her that says she must do everything herself. I went past it. I did not 'fix it'. I did not fix it because I talked to her soul and found this to be a very positive trait for her in this portion of her life. Yes, she needs a little more help than she is willing to accept right now but I cannot remove this trait to facilitate that. She needs it. Again, this is detachment. I have learned the lesson that getting help can actually strengthen me and my friendships. I did not impose that lesson on her. First of all, I have no right to impose anything. Secondly, she may not need that lesson and, if she does, she needs to learn it her way.

I found a bundle of energy that keeps her awake. It spins around her in the form of a teddy bear. This energy thinks it is comforting her when it is not. Again, I ignored this and found the spot that needs comforted. I held it like a baby and assured it that whatever happened was not currently happening and gently replaced the energy back into the Agnostic. I will report later any result. 

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Yvonne said...

"Compassion and healing means loving the entire person not just the part that feels healthy. One must love the illness as well."

I have heard this from energy healers as well, and it is very profound. It requires a heart chakra that is fully open and functioning and a true love of Self.

This is something that *I think* that the MM can help with. This is excellent. I am so enjoying your writing, your description of your work and your ethnography of experience. It recalls what originally brought me to reading your blog a year or more ago.

Stay balanced and well my friend