Thursday, April 26, 2012

Incredible Gift / More Follow-Up

I have posted a bit on using the MM to heal my back. This section is to clarify and extend those posts a bit.

When I first started the statement of intent was a bit wishy washy. I changed it recently to "WILL HEAL MY BACK." It is firm. It is a command.

As previously reported, I have twice felt something move in back. There has been no reduction in pain whatsoever. In fact, I stayed home from work today. (Wednesday)

This next part happened Tuesday evening. One of my readers, Susanne Iles, gifted me a painting she created when she needed healing. She is giving it to me, in part, because of the healing work I have been doing. It is a link to Raphael (Physician of God) that she credits with healing her. She painted this while ill and working with Raphael for healing. The image came to her in a dream.

This painting is an incredible personal gift of considerable value. Susanne has an international reputation. It comes from the Spirit of its Creator and thus from Creation itself. This object will be placed facing my bed when it arrives. I am hoping it helps my back to heal or is an instructor to increase my ability to heal others.

I am incredibly moved by this gift from someone I must admit I like but do not know well. It is a gift of spirit from spirit to spirit.

Follow-up on the Agnostic:

Within the Nature of Healing post, I reported this:

I found a bundle of energy that keeps her awake. It spins around her in the form of a teddy bear. This energy thinks it is comforting her when it is not. Again, I ignored this and found the spot that needs comforted. I held it like a baby and assured it that whatever happened wasnot currently happeningand gently replaced the energy back into the Agnostic. I will report later any result.

Originally I thought this happened at the same time, which would have been super cool. However, she just corrected me and said she did the MM today and saw the same teddy bear. The issue that was not currently happening was childhood bed wetting. If you had asked me what the issue was, it wouldn't have been that, that is why it is important that the healer know the difference between his issues and someone else's problems. Had I projected my opinion into the situation, I would have messed it up.

What was keeping her awake at night was energy that kept her awake at night. She said this:

I think I've been coping with this fear of bedwetting by very stubbornly refusing to think about the fact that I have to pee, which means finding something else to think about. But of course, being uncomfortable and trying not to worry both contribute to me finding *negative* things to think about.

This is the issue within the issue that needs to be dealt with for real healing to occur. If anything less than this is found the healing will either be short-lived or resurface in a different way. This can also explain why you have to love the illness. The illness in this case was the emotion of a small child with an unsympathetic father. How can you not have compassion for that?

The icing on the cake is this. Not only did the AGNOSTIC that doesn't believe in any of this stuff see, admit to seeing, and dealt with an astral form she volunteered that I could blog this. This is the person that was literally afraid of making a phone call to order a pizza a couple of months ago and she is not embarrassed at all about a childhood incident many would, incorrectly, find embarrassing to admit.

That, my friends, is healing at it's brightest. I am so proud of her.

I sent the above to her to make sure she approved of this post. This was her response.

Only one minor detail: I was not doing the MM specifically to help with sleep. I was asking my Greater Neschemah to manifest in me. I have done the meditation that way about half a dozen times, and every time I have, I've been given knowledge that helps with issues that I have already started working on, and that I believe would need to be resolved before that manifestation could occur. This was more of that. (I still don't buy all of this in a literal way, btw; I do like the metaphor, though).

She reported Today (Thursday) that she had trouble sleeping but that the medication the doctor put her on can cause insomnia!

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