Sunday, April 22, 2012

Past Lives

Sometime last week I went over to my friend Audra's place. She offered sometime ago to work on past lives. She did a guided meditation for me. I found three past lives.

The first was of a Roman chariot racer. I came in as the race was about to finish. My adrenaline rushed through me. I didn't win the race but I did experience the joy "I" experienced at the athleticism involved. There seemed to be a camaraderie there. Almost immediately after the race ended there was either a riot or an attack by a mob of people. It seemed to organized for a riot and to undisciplined for an attack. Also, there wasn't anything like a uniform. What I did see was masses of attacking men filling the street. I know I was in that melee somewhere but it didn't bother me. I have no idea if I was killed in that event or not. I felt no fear.

The second was me standing in the prow of a ship. I had a very long brass horn. There was a cannon on the deck. This didn't last long.

The third was in an open plain. I was consulting a witch. She had lit a fire inside a cauldron. She then put a cover or blanket over the fire and from that she showed me a past life. Yes, I did a past life regression with a witch and saw a witch showing me a past life. She should me how I was killed by being boiled in oil. I said, "Is that this life?" She said, "No it was a past life. This is this life." I then saw an image of a nearly feral boy in a very verdant scene. This made no sense because she was showing me the current life while I was younger.

Audra told me that I should only do three lives. So, I started to back out but I saw a God in profile as I did. It was an old man god like Zues.

I may explore the witch life in the future. Then again,  I am not sure if any of these was 'real' or just imagination. However, the chariot driver vision created adrenaline rushes and the like. It seemed realish.

Soul Reading

I did a reading today. I always feel anxious as I start, "Will this work?" It went well. Her first words were, "Wow that was scary accurate." She then sent me a note that said, "like you said I have... (on thinking back I was a .....) but I've never had that emotional connection to these things." Sorry for the edit but it isn't my place to reveal what she said exactly but this revealed a common result of my readings. Helping people connect things they never connected before.

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